I came to yoga in my early twenties seeking physical exercise, but became hooked after discovering the psychological implications of the practice. I noticed it made the daily stresses of life more manageable, extending my patience and bringing me peace & humility. A decade later, I am still practicing for this purpose and now also teaching, with the hope of instilling peace of mind within my students.

Yoga will not only tone your body, but also your mind. We all live with a certain level of stress and anxiety ... ahhh, life in the Silicon Valley ;) Through yoga, I can help make your hectic days more manageable. 

My classes incorporate a blend of controlled breathing to quiet the mind and relax the central nervous system, soothing stretches to tune you into your body and gently open your muscles, invigorating flow to release endorphins and build heat, and revitalizing meditation to center your total being. The pace and difficulty of postures will vary based on your individual goals and abilities.

I live in Burlingame with my husband and son, where I spend my time gardening, cooking, stomping in mud puddles, and trekking the trails with Stella the Wheaten Terrier. I am a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo & Avalon Yoga International.